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The door to worldwide success

On this page you can read more about our history, how it has grown over the years and where we are today.

Paper rolls

How it all began

“Who wants a door out of flimsy paper just after a massive war?” That’s what the sceptical door manufacturers must have thought when Mr. Holtslag stepped into their factories back in the 1950s, proposing to use his paper honeycomb as a new filling material instead of massive wood. Yet he convinced them to apply his strong and lightweight product, a design inspired by the British bomber fuel tanks that were dumped in his area a decade earlier.

Begin Honicel

The new standard

Because the determined Dutchman knew that there was a huge shortage of wood and other building materials in post-war Europe. The result? Honicel was born… and so was a new standard for filling doors. Due to Honicel’s ongoing research and development, many other applications soon followed that have now turned into industry standards. Today, millions of doors are still produced with paper honeycomb on the European continent alone, while Honicel remains a world-renowned consultancy partner for new and existing customers.

But it all started with opening that first door...

Leading in product innovation

With in-house engineering and manufacturing of paper honeycomb processing equipment, we are aiming for non-stop optimization and development of “tomorrow's technology”. Our know-how, service and products are contributing to a structural competitive position of our customers in their discipline.

All over the world, Honicel paper honeycomb gains a more and more powerful position, as a strong core material in sandwich constructions. An increasing number of manufacturers in the interior door and furniture industry, as well as the automotive branch and the light weight panel industry, are discovering the unique and distinguishing properties of Honicel paper honeycomb.